Why Woolongs?

Bitcoin — the first widely adopted crypto currency — was created with the vision of establishing a decentralized digital currency without the need for a centralized bank or administrator. While Bitcoin has achieved the original goals outlined in Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, the rapidly-evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem has established a system in which Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are no longer truly decoupled from fiat currency.

Ever-increasing regulatory oversight and the development of advanced chain analysis techniques have rendered traditional blockchain networks such as Bitcoin transparent, allowing governments and regulatory authorities to collect information about cryptocurrency users through a wide range of methods.

Cryptocurrency is a means of storing and transferring value outside of state-issued fiat currency, and holds far more use cases than a simple extension of fiat, or as a speculative investment vehicle. Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to provide users with a truly democratic, anonymous, and fungible means of transferring value from between individuals regardless of distance. Woolong provides users with the ability to transfer value privately and quickly between individuals, across the planet, or from Ganymede to Callisto.

Woolong Coin provides cryptocurrency users with a means of storing and transferring value in a truly private manner, facilitating the execution of completely confidential transactions. Woolong is fast, efficient, and secure — ideal for day-to-day transactions or the remittance of intersolar ISSP bounties.