What is a Woolong?

In 1998, Japanese animation studio Sunrise launched a new animated science-fiction television series called Cowboy Bebop. Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe and written by Keiko Nobumoto, Cowboy Bebop first premiered to Western audiences in 2001, capturing the attention of millions of fans around the world.

Cowboy Bebop’s eclectic blend of neo-noir cyberpunk aesthetic, incandescent jazz, and deeply nuanced storytelling rapidly enshrined the series as a legendary cult classic. As a genre-breaking science fiction series, Cowboy Bebop presents viewers with a vast range of futuristic concepts, focusing on a lawless, socially-stratified solar system in which governments offer bounty contracts to prevent crime. These contracts, and everything else in the Cowboy Bebop Universe, are paid in “Woolong” — one of the earliest depictions of digital currency in pop culture.

Woolong is a cryptocurrency designed to emulate the function of the digital currency of the fictional Cowboy Bebop universe, bringing instantaneous, private transactions to everyday real life.

Woolong Coin brings the concept of Woolong presented in the Cowboy Bebop series into real life:

Woolongs are digital, not physical. You can use Woolong to pay for your daily lunch of bell peppers and beef (minus the beef), send payments to other Woolong users, or in Mars-orbit space casinos — when they’re eventually built

International bank transfers can take days to execute. Woolong can be transferred near-instantaneously, ensuring that your payments (or bounty contracts) are paid out immediately

Woolong is completely decentralized — there is no central authority governing the transfer of WOO coin. The Woolong network is maintained by an international network of thousands of users

Open Source
Woolong is completely open-source. The Woolong protocol can be used by anyone, for anything, facilitating the creation of a universal currency as presented in the Cowboy Bebop universe.

The Woolong network can’t be hacked. All transactions are logged on the Woolong blockchain, ensuring that third parties don’t need to be trusted to keep your Woolong safe. Woolong allows users to be their own bank and store their currency on their own terms — ideal for space cowboys.