Current Open
Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Woolong Corporation Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept (PoC) for the Woolong Corporation Ecosystem aims to not only validate the feasibility, functionality, and market potential of the current blockchain-based platforms but also to establish revenue generation and produce bankable reports in support of future development.

Open Until Filled

Project: UI Redesign, Token Integration, and AI Integration into the Woolong Corporation Ecosystem

Woolong Corporation is issuing this Request for Quotation (RFQ) to solicit proposals from qualified web development firms for the website redesign, token deployment and integration and AI Integration of multiple websites into a single, unified ecosystem. The objective of this project is to create a cohesive digital experience for our users by integrating content, features, and databases from existing websites. The new ecosystem website will streamline user access, enhance functionality, and improve the overall user experience.

Open Until Filled

Crowdfund Woolong Corporation Manga Series

Woolong Corp is excited to unveil its upcoming Manga Series, titled “WC Manga Series.” With a compelling storyline, vivid illustrations, and deep-rooted cultural elements, this series is poised to become a fan favorite.

Open Until Filled

Integration of AI into Colony Platform

We are currently seeking a vendor to integrate AI into our SocialEngine platform for the upcoming Woolong Colony project, which is the social media-based portion of the Woolong Ecosystem.


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